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Winnetka Bowling League Debut EP Out Now

Winnetka Bowling League Debut EP Out Now

Winnetka Bowling League Debut EP Out Now


[New York, NY – September 21, 2018] Following the release last month of Winnetka Bowling League’s debut single “On The 5,” described by the Los Angeles Times as an undeniably anthemic pop song,” the band’s impressive self-titled five track EP is released today on RCA Records.

Winnetka Bowling League are relative new arrivals to the Los Angeles music scene, but on their debut EP they display an impressive knack for crafting finely tuned guitar pop bursting with cinematic Golden State imagery. From Corollas and Subarus to Converse and RC Cola, “Come On Eileen” to pineapple boba and “Gasolina,”  Winnetka Bowling League’s lyrics are a cornucopia of pop culture references wrapped up in perfectly calibrated songwriting.

They’ll be performing at the Mercury Lounge in New York City on September 24th and at the Peppermint Club in Los Angeles on October 1st. (Tickets available here.)

WATCH the video for debut single “On The 5

Watch the vintage view-finder visualizer for “Feeling California” HERE

Winnetka Bowling League Debut EP Out Now

Tracklist for Winnetka Bowling League EP:

  1. On The 5
  2. Alice
  3. Feeling California
  4. daydreamer
  5. are you okay?


Early Praise for Winnetka Bowling League:

“It’s classic beach pop nudged out of retro stasis by subtle production flourishes … not to mention catchy as a sea breeze.” – Buzzbands LA

(“On The 5” is) an undeniably anthemic pop song about the thoroughfare connecting Southern California and our less fortunate citizens to the north… An L.A. song through and through, it certainly sounds like a hit.” – Los Angeles Times 

“Winnetka Bowling League injects us with the infectious Xanax-like coastal vibe with their latest single “Feeling California.” Using imageries of the Golden State, WBL capture the warmth and youthful spirit that permeates the air. It’s the type of track that convinces you to soak the sun and refuse to let summer go” – Aupium 

“This thing’s blood is literally made of California, and reeks of suntan lotion, gasoline, blue skies, flowers, and the breeze rushing through the windows of a ’92 Subaru . It longingly dreams about the legendary Summer of Love ( 1967) and references both Revolver, and Pet Sounds in the most romantic and wistful way possible. This isn’t hyperbole I swear, all this stuff is in the actual song which is as sweet and swell as can be.” – Picking Up Rocks

Winnetka Bowling League Debut EP Out Now
“It’s always sweater weather…”
(photo credit: Dan Monick)


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