Q: What job openings do you have?
A: When we have job openings, they’re posted in the Careers section.

Q: Does Sony Music offer internships?
A: Yes we do. If you’re interested in becoming an intern, please visit our Careers section.

Q: Who do I contact if I’m interested in licensing a song or video from a Sony Music artist for use in my film, television, commercial, web series, radio show, podcast , multi-media project, etc.?
A: If you would like to license master recording rights from a Sony Music artist, please email us at [email protected]

Q: How do I submit a demo to Sony Music?
A: For a number of reasons, demos will only be accepted by post. When you send us your demo, please keep in mind that we do not return them and that we will only be in contact with you if there is interest in your material.

Here’s the address to send us your demo:

Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc.
Attn: A&R Department
99 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 800
Toronto, ON
M6K 3J8

Q: What to do when a CD/vinyl I just bought is defective?
A: You should contact the retailer where you bought your defective product and exchange it. If they can’t exchange it, please provide [email protected] with a copy of your receipt,  the UPC, and a photo or video clearly showing the defect.