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Tedy Releases Bombastic New Single “Rich”

Tedy Releases Bombastic New Single “Rich”

Releases Bombastic New Single 



Tedy - Rich

(May 17th, 2024) Toronto, Canada – Today Haitian-Canadian artist Tedy releases his latest track “Rich(Listen Here).

Tedy posted a snippet of “Rich” just minutes after he recorded the track and people noticed, with Grammy winners SZA and Lizzo joining the chorus of praise, enthusiastically sharing teasers of “Rich” across their social platforms. The song almost instantly went viral, amassing nearly 11M views across TikTok and Instagram (and counting!), and setting the stage for what will almost surely become the anthem of the summer – launching the Friday before the long weekend, and saying what we all feel.

“Rich” is a pop banger with a bombastic beat and message to match. On the song, Tedy is at his most relatable, confessing “I wasn’t born to work! … Don’t want to lift a finger … I just want to be rich!”  The track is ironic, playful, hilarious – an anthem of excess. With lyrics that brush off the idea of working for a living and instead fantasizing about waking up to piles of cash.

To celebrate the release of “Rich” Tedy will be cruising around the city in a vintage convertible while blasting his new song “Rich” in his very own quit parade. He’ll ride though Toronto’s financial district to gloat, stop at Trinity Bellwoods to hand out “I WASN’T BORN TO WORK” merch and pick up media along the way to discuss “Rich”; the viral anthem for those who dream of living large without punching the clock. 

“Rich” will kick-off an exciting start to Tedy’s new sound, with more new music on the horizon.


About TEDY:

Born in Haiti and immigrating to Canada as a teen, LGBTQ2+ artist Tedy currently resides in Toronto.  In 2014, Tedy began songwriting as a means of self-discovery and expression, eventually releasing 2020’s EP Boys Don’t Cry, which featured production by Mike Wise (Bulow, Ellie Goulding, Chainsmokers). In November 2022, Tedy released his second EP Manic Party, featuring production by Big Taste (Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa) and Herag (Alessia Cara).

With over 43 million global audio streams and one million followers on TikTok, Tedy is a singer-songwriter on the rise – and listeners can’t wait for “Rich.”


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