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Bathed in solemn melodies and mystifying ambience, 19-year-old producer Ryder releases his soundscape redefining 5-track debut EP with Skepta, entitled 48 Hours. The EP encourages the listener to feel Skepta’s well-known lyricism with an increased vividness and an entirely new soul-stirring perspective. Listen Here.

Unequivocal in its execution, the EP is impressive in its desire to uncover deeper truths amongst listeners. This is especially prevalent in tracks “All Alone” and “For You” featuring exclusive new bars from Skepta alongside protege Dré Six, who provides sanguine vocals intertwined with his awe-inspiring guitar riffs. Incredibly thought-provoking with an inner-city essence that expertly captures the emotional volatility of life’s brighter climbs and darker depths.

“My focus is on the emotion, how it makes the listener feel” Ryder says when asked about the project.

#Skeptacore is a phenomenon coined by Ryder whereby producers carve out refixes inspired by Skepta’s work, of whom Ryder is a huge fan. His pioneering ambient discography caught Skepta’s attention, who wasted no time getting in contact, inviting Ryder to his studio, and recording together within 48 hours and thus, this EP was born.

Ryder, a Hull native, is leading the way in #skeptacore, showcasing his distinct ability to engineer resonant ambient interpretations.  The result is a new Gen Z audience discovering Skepta’s catalogue, through the young prodigies’ work. With over 15 million views across the hashtag, many are moved by Ryder’s work, sitting in anticipation of his heartfelt production.

The EP projects a shared intimacy, working beautifully in tandem with the carefully extricated bars of Skepta, who is unashamedly raw in honesty. Collaborating with Skepta came naturally, producing since his early teens Ryder is now firmly en route to formulating his distinct musical climate, cemented as one of the hottest up-and-coming artists in the music industry.

48 Hours Tracklist:

  1. All Alone – Ryder, Skepta, Dré Six
  2. For You – Ryder, Skepta, Dré Six
  3. Skeptacore pt. 1 – Ryder, Skepta
  4. Skeptacore pt. 2 – Ryder, Skepta
  5. Skeptacore pt. 3 – Ryder, Skepta