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“the way that you see me” out now

Powfu the way that you see me

(Toronto, ON – February 19, 2021) Columbia Records artist Powfu has released his latest track “the way that you see me” today. Featured on the song are his lo-fi peers and labelmates Rxseboy and fellow Canadian Sarcastic Sounds, as well as Ayleen Valentine. Check out the DIY-style visual here.

“This song is a reminder that focusing on your own problems will only continue to weigh you down,” Powfu shared. “Instead, focus on helping take the weight off of others, and you will find your own weight has been lifted as well.”

Fans can tune in on Discord every other Thursday to catch Powfu hosting exciting conversations with friends and other artists. Following last week’s guest guccihighwaters, he chatted with his “the way that you see me” collaborators Rxseboy and Sarcastic Sounds yesterday. On Thursday, March 4, Powfu’s guest will be Follow Powfu on Discord here.

Powfu released his 8-track EP, some boring love stories pt. 5, in November 2020 via Columbia Records. The EP showcases Powfu’s evolving sonic palate and the relatable storytelling of his lyrics. The EP rounded out an incredible 2020 for Powfu, which saw his massive triple Platinum hit song “death bed (coffee for your head)” (double Platinum in US) capturing the masses with over 2 Billion worldwide streams. The addictive hit song blasted Powfu to the forefront of the music scene this year, positioning him as one of the main pioneers bringing the lo-fi genre to the mainstream.

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