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Montreal Singer-Songwriter LARAW Releases “Breakup Tutorial_V2” Today!

Montreal Singer-Songwriter LARAW Releases

Breakup Tutorial_V2 Today!

Montreal Singer-Songwriter LARAW Releases  “Breakup Tutorial_V2” Today!

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(Toronto, ON – November 6, 2020) Today, Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc. recording artist Laraw (pronounced la-rah) releases a new version of “Breakup Tutorial_V2”, listen HERE.

The track was written in a cinematic way, detailing various times in the day throughout a tragic modern-day romance and breakup.  Draped in dreamy guitar riffs, unforgettable basslines and a powerful chorus, “Breakup Tutorial_V2” is downtempo pop, crowned with lyrics that reveal a deeply personal play-by-play of Laraw’s own heartbreak.

“Bad relationships make for amazing songs, I can take a track and dramatize my past like it’s a Netflix series,” she says of “Breakup Tutorial_V2,” which was produced by collaborator Tim Buron (Charlotte Cardin, Loud, Nate Husser). “All that sadness and humor and weirdness and awkwardness can be exaggerated and used.”

With only a few records to her name and  features like Elle Quebec and 33 magazine , Montreal born singer-songwriter Laraw is showing the most promising signs for massive growth to come. Get ready to get in your feelings and stay there because “Breakup Tutorial_V2” was made for the repeat button. Watch out for more new music coming from Laraw in early 2021!