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laye SINGLE “no love lost” RELEASED TODAY!

laye SINGLE “no love lost” RELEASED TODAY!


laye SINGLE “no love lost” RELEASED TODAY!

(Toronto, ON – February 8th, 2019) –2018 saw Sony Music Entertainment Canada artist laye introduce herself to the world, releasing four singles (“likefck”/“goldfinger”/“milk n honey”/”haventhadlove”) that showcased her talent and emotionally dynamic lyrical delivery. Now, laye is kick-starting 2019 with her first taste of new music, delivering her lively fifth single “no love lost”.

“no love lost” was recorded at Stafford Studios in Toronto utilizing the producer/songwriting team of Grammy-nominated Zale Epstein (Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Schoolboy Q) and JUNO-nominated Mike Wise (Upsahl, bulow, Allie X). Lyrically and emotionally “no love lost” takes the listener through a battle of love and hate, heartbreak and passion. Sonically Epstein and Wise cultivate the song through trippy guitar lines and a cascading chorus providing the perfect vehicle for laye’s emotive delivery.

Listen and download “no love lost” with laye’s creative visual for the song: HERE

To date laye’s singles have received over 3 Million streams on Spotify and Apple combined and Playlist features have included: “Introducing”, “Indie Pop Chillout”, New Music Friday, “Viral Hits Canada”, “Montreal Chill” and “New Music Now” on Spotify and: A-List Pop, Breaking Pop, Made in Quebec, Pop Chill, Wake me Up!, Relationship Goals, FEELS, Pop Deluxe, Relaxed/Remixed and Heartbreak Pop on Apple. Laye’s singles have been playlisted in numerous countries, including Spain, Singapore, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, Switzerland and the US.

Here is what the press is saying about laye:

-One artist that should be on your radar comes from Montreal and goes by the name laye. The newly signed Sony Music Canada artist is a triple threat – vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. If you are looking for an artist to speak to your directly to your emotions, laye is just the artist for you.

Upon hearing Montreal newcomer Laye’s latest single “Goldfinger,” you’d never guess the 22-year-old pop singer/multi-instrumentalist hadn’t actually been churning out hits for years. Co-crafted by Lauren Christie (G-Eazy, Dua Lipa) and Federico Vindver (Jennifer Lopez, Lauryn Hill, Pitbull), Laye’s dark pop track confidently gives the “goldfinger” to the “f–kboy” who led her on, via mellow, minimalist production and her effortlessly cool vocals.

— Jess Huddleston


-I truly love this song, from the lyrics to the beat. It comes together to deliver this feeling of empowerment and puts you in a “no fucks given” type of mood.

The Permanent Rain Press:

-goldfinger –  love song at its core is splashed with thoughts of longing and lust. Hip hop, pop, and electronic genres molded as one—laye brings a moody dynamic that is as alluring as it is mysterious.

We’re swooning over laye, this new urban pop artist that just popped on our radar. The Montreal-born singer/songwriter is a force. An old-soul with future quality, she gives off an aura that is desirable, mysterious and provoking. Her talent lies within the lyrics, as a writer, she lays down words so seamlessly, it is hard not to relate when listening to her music


-Her ability to set her moods and feelings to music is entirely genuine if “goldfinger” and “likefck” are any indication. Put her on your list of artists to watch – she’ll be filling concert theatres with fanatic fans in no time at all.

Born in Montreal, laye is a unique new artist, a multi-instrumentalist with a striking vocal style, prolific song writing ability and a dark, dreamy aesthetic that informs everything from her music to her social media feeds. She is never complacent, always inspired and as she is focused on establishing herself as a singer/songwriter, she considers her overall aesthetic to be equally important when it comes to her musical identity. It’s only been about three years since laye first started to experiment with making her own music, but she’s already been able to carve out a unique artistic path, one that is shaped by various influences—from art to photography to fashion and her own experiences. Her honest reflection of the past is a driving force of continual motivation.

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laye SINGLE “no love lost” RELEASED TODAY!