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 Trust Nobody Art

  (April 16 — New York, NY) Maintaining unstoppable momentum, hip hop maverick KILLY unleashes a new single and music video entitled “TRUST NOBODY.”

 Get it HERE at all DSPs and watch the official music video HERE.

On the WondaGurl-produce track, KILLY cuts loose over ominously intense production. He tears into bold and braggadocious lines like, “Don’t ask me no questions. I’m thumbing through these hundreds, before confessing, “I can’t trust nobody. The flow oscillates between an incisive cadence on the verses and soaring power on the hook. Awash in colorful glitchy filters, the accompanying video intercuts various claustrophobic close-ups of KILLY bathed in hues of light before lasers blast from his sunglasses. It mirrors the unpredictability of the song.

Opening up the floodgates, “TRUST NOBODY” bulldozes the path for a new mixtape, due imminently. He recently set the stage with the incendiary banger “PYRO,which quickly amassed over 1 million streams and 1 million views on the music video. Additionally, he paired the song with an NFT that unlocked the title and cover art. It only lit the flame though…

Get ready for KILLY to burn brighter than ever in 2021.


If alien means belonging elsewhere, perhaps KILLY is someone who belongs everywhere. The shy rockstar finds himself at home in the eclectic and the contradictory, effortlessly pairing petaled shirts and spiked glasses, suturing vulnerable lyrics to heavy, sinister instrumentals. Born in 1997 to Bajan and Filipino parents in Toronto, Khalil Tatem was painted by a mosaic of influences from a young age, from Kanye West to Speaker Knockerz to Tommy Lee Sparta.

During high school, he rooted himself into the community and nurtured “Killamonjaro” for two long years. His ascendance felt lightspeed as he independently released his debut project Surrender Your Soul, garnered multiple platinum and gold singles, and took to the road for a world tour. After two years on the road, he tethered stories across time and space from his journey in his project Light Path 8. This was followed by his connection with Sylvia Rhone, the legendary head of Epic Records, and his new home with the label. With this partnership, he continues to cultivate each track with the same care as “Killamonjaro.” Privileging quality over quantity, he fine-tunes each project with meticulous precision, elusively hinting to fans at what’s to come. Even with numerous accolades to his name, he’s just getting started.

If KILLY is an alien, he’s one who can use his diverse upbringing to weave himself anywhere—one whose legacy is already written in the stars.


“…we are at the tip of the iceberg in terms of the creative output we will see throughout [KILLY’s] career.…one of Canada’s quickest rising stars.” – Lyrical Lemonade
“…[KILLY has a] knack for ridiculously catchy melodies and [a] distinct persona…” – Pitchfork
“KILLY’s ascent to the top of rap is a matter of perfect timing.” – Noisey
“KILLY is the fresh-to-death rapper taking Toronto by storm.” – Highsnobiety
“KILLY could be Canada’s next big superstar.”