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Freddie Dredd


“Freddie Dredd is a veteran of the underground, an individual fiercely set on blurring the boundaries between horrorcore, trap, and punk rock.. the artist inches towards a mainstream impact, re-defining the next wave of post-rap. ” ~ CLASH

“…Freddie isn’t going anywhere, and why would he when his latest single “Wrath” is as remarkable as ever.” ~ Lyrical Lemonade 

“…off the wall and enigmatic…”~ EARMILK

  “Explosive, distorted and ferocious…” ~ RESPECT Magazine 

“As usual, the instrumental that he selected for this record hits as hard as I could ever have anticipated, and the eerie, robotic-sounding high-pitched synth is the main element that piqued my attention from the jump.” ~ Lyrical Lemonade 

  (February 1, 2024) – The underground king and creative master, Freddie Dredd, is back and grinding gears again! Ahead of his upcoming EP, Freddie Must Die. Freddie returns with an official two-pack, singles ‘Frank Miller’ and ‘I’m So Glad’ via RCA Records. 


Known for his devilish lyrics and subsonic base-heavy productions, both singles do not stray from this nor disappoint. ‘Frank Miller’ continues to highlight the growlingly more confident Freddie, affirmed in his rightful position as the face of the internet-savvy underground. He proclaims gratitude in ‘I’m So Glad’ as he sits at the helm of a growing strain of hip hop that blends a bit of metal with gritty, lo-fi sounds, vintage samples, and intense and darkly twisted lyrics. 


Kicking off his tour in the UK on February 10, the dark lord will hit stages across London, Paris, Amsterdam and Toronto @ History on March 2nd. His upcoming EP, Freddie Must Die will mark the first official project since his 2022 Top 10 Global Spotify Albums chart debut, Freddie’s Inferno, which is home of the viral smash single ‘Limbo,’ now with over 110 million in streams worldwide. A pioneer in this bass-heavy branch of the hip-hop medium, he’s been pulling in the ears of some of the genre’s more critical listeners.  

Following a successful 2023, which included a 20-city tour powered by Rolling Loud, he’s announced via his Discord, that he’s prepared a documentary following his every move as he makes waves globally with his unique productions and vicious bars. Set to premiere later this year, the docu-film’s credits include: Executive Producers  Freddie Dredd, Jeff Bowers, Janis Shen. He continues to cultivate a massive following with his abrasive demeanor, inventive beats, and unique visual sensibility. Freddie has clawed his way out of the digital trenches, gaining millions of streams on SoundCloud and has gained followers in mass, along the way.  


Stay tuned for more from Freddie Dredd! 

About Freddie Dredd:  

Freddie Dredd gained initial notoriety as a member of the Doomshop/Sixtet Collective of underground artists, Freddie Dredd’s success sparked in 2019, fueled by his popularity on TikTok, whose users were drawn to his vibey combination of ethereal samples and hard-hitting production. His single “Cha Cha,“ struck gold, racking up over 50 million streams on Spotify alone. Freddie trended on TikTok again that year with his bossa nova-sampling single “Opaul.” 

It wasn’t long before the irreverent and grainy-toned Canadian-born rapper and producer, Freddie Dredd, proved his music would have a global reach. Based in Oshawa, Ontario. Freddie has carved out his own lane in music, blending gritty, lo-fi sounds, vintage samples, and intense—often dark—lyrics to craft a world of his own, he lures his listeners in on. His unique sound offers deep traces of phonk, echoing his love for southern hip-hop, and even alternatively illuminating the impact metal bands have had on him, from Korn to Meshuggah. In 2020 he released his debut EP with RCA Records, the critically lauded Suffer with his ongoing production partner Ryan C. Bold and daring, Freddie’s music takes inspiration from the horrorcore and dark trap of ’90s Memphis, TN; something he discovered by accident during his teenage years, 

Evolving his persona even further, in 2022 he released his debut album Freddie’s Inferno. A bold macabre of lyrical bends, with a predilection for distortion, the project spawned the runaway hit “Limbo.” Now with over 110 million streams on Spotify alone, the boosted ground-shaking, bass-heavy track found its way even into the zeitgeist of online gaming with Call of Duty via fan-made videos, further catapulting the track’s consumption. The album debuted in the Top 10 of the Spotify Global Charts, and as 2022 wrapped, Freddie celebrated surpassing over 1 billion streams as an artist, collectively; and headlined a 20-city tour powered by Rolling Loud. Freddie invited us to revisit his inferno, with the release of Freddie’s Inferno Deluxe, which saw him perform bonus album tracks across the country, such as fan favorite “Five Nights” featuring Danny Brown, including while at July 2023’s Rolling Loud Miami.  As he embraces fans, new and old, while performing sold out shows on tour with $uicide Boy$, Ghostemane and City Morgue, including the iconic Madison Square Garden stage, Freddie is ripe to release a plethora of new music. He’s prepared a special variety pack EP, titled Freddie Must Die, to be led by upcoming singles “Rockefeller” and “Plenty Guns,” he’s slowly started teasing on his socials. 




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