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HARMONY - song by 347aidan | Spotify

Today, 18-year-old recording artist 347aidan drops his new single “HARMONY” via 347RECORDS/Columbia Records. The chilling, alternative track peaks into Aidan’s mind and focuses on a lost loved one. The song is accompanied by an official video. Watch the video for “Harmony” HERE. The track is lifted off 347aidan’s upcoming EP CHASING HARMONY, due to release later this month.

CHASING HARMONY is executive produced by John Cunningham (XXXTentacion, Miley Cyrus, Halsey) and is dedicated to Aidan’s lost friend by the name of Harmony. The EP centers around themes of mental health, recovering from depression & growing up.

In speaking about the EP, 347aidan says “When I first started making music I was kinda insecure about it in a way where I didn’t want to show it to anyone or be heard while making it. It was an insecurity / fear that really held me back and stopped me from making music that I really loved. 

Growing up I had a really good friend named Harmony. I would show her my music over FaceTime and she would instantly boost my confidence about it and make me feel a lot more heard then I had been before. This reassurance was really all I needed. I started getting alot more confident with everything I did from that point on. Posting my music on SoundCloud, telling my friends / family about it. when I did go public with it, the initial reaction I got was people making fun of me. I’m not sure how it didn’t affect me but it didn’t. In fact it just made me feel more confident. All I needed from the jump was someone to make me feel that confidence. Harmony was that person. A piece of my life but also a piece of who I am. 

When she passed away I felt like I had that confidence stripped from me completely . I felt like my anxiety had been spiked up and my concept of who I was got abstracted by my mental health. From the day she passed I’ve felt a piece of me missing. I wanted to make a body of work that sounded and felt like the feeling I have been looking for since she has been gone. The music in this EP has been my safe place over the last year. every song on it makes me feel more confident in myself when I’m listening to it. Harmony is simply far more than just a name, it is a feeling. Better yet it is a sense of calmness and security when everything is falling apart. This EP represents not only the Chasing of Harmony, but also what it may feel like to find Harmony- as I know I am still yet to find that exact feeling, this EP is the closest I’ve felt to it . Rest In Peace Harmony, your love is universal.” 

“HARMONY” follows the Ontario-based artist’s release of “TROUBLE” and “MEMORIES,” which have accumulated over 12.9 million streams on Spotify to date and the Kenny Beats produced track “IDWK.” The musical wunderkind, who has drawn in nearly 6 million monthly listeners on Spotify, attracts a range of listeners from misfits, outliers, and cool kids with an internal struggle.

“Euphoric, difficult to perfectly define, and haphazardly brilliant, 347aidan embodies the adventurousness and inventiveness of Gen Z.”
– Ones To Watch

“… the potential for 347aidan is immense. His music is a peek into adolescence, youthful rebellion, and his overall journey towards self-discovery.”
– Pigeons & Planes 

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