In tandem with the artist’s intriguing aesthetics, laye’s sultry, Alt-flavored pop is the artist’s best well-kept secret. It won’t be for long. Her latest single, “no love lost”, currently blowing up Spotify and iTunes charts, is a perfect example of a how a song can sound so intimate that you feel like you are eavesdropping on a closed-door conversation. Between the trippy guitars strumming throughout “no love lost”, laye croons out lyrics like she’s tallying a pros and cons list in a romantic relationship she’s reconsidering. The way laye sings brutally honest statements makes you think you’re glancing at unsent text messages nobody is supposed to see or having access to laye’s own internal dialogue. Whether she’s navigating the complexities of love and lust in the digital age (listen to her thoughts in “goldfinger”, “better” and “boy”, which features rapper BIA) or how she analyzes her own feelings in the brilliant and beautiful anti-ballad, “lonely anthem”, laye’s songs sound like classified information.