Montreal-born singer-songwriter Laraw is a pop music anomaly. Hailing from Lebanese and Moroccan roots, Laraw can speak and sing in French, English and Arabic. With so many different ways to express herself, it’s no wonder music comes naturally to her and has proven to be the perfect cathartic vehicle for her to culminate all the different cultures, scenes, languages and codes she’s been immersed with.

Her keen ear has been cherry picking from her years at studying music production, sound design and playing videos games, all of which inspire her experimental sound, which lives in a multi-genre alternate universe. Like one of her heroes, The Weeknd, her goal is to rage against all the outdated music industry standards of the past, and present something that is authentic and doesn’t strive to be flawless, just honest.

“I’m against anyone or thing that puts pressure to be perfect or make presumptions because that’s all a lie,” she says. “It’s so degrading to be expected to be anything but yourself so that’s what you’ll always see and hear from me,” she says. “I’m not afraid to tell people how I feel with my music,” she says. “When it comes to me, there’s no time to waste.”